Wednesday, April 17, 2013

March 11, 2013

    Yes I still love to read about my buds on missions! I can't believe how soon Carson gets home! Crazy news though!! That stinks about Aunt Winnie's Ipad getting stolen! Bummer! I have heard a little bit about the small ipad and ipad 2 from people here but not aton. Sounds pretty sweet! That is good that you are in the habit of being early to bed and early to wake up! I wish I would have been better at that before coming on my mission...
      Well everything is going pretty great here! We are still working hard to find those people that are ready for the gospel!
      This week while reading the Book of Mormon I read in Mosiah 20 about King Limhi and his people! Super cool story, if you get a chance read it. But pretty much what I got out of was this-King Limhi saw the lamanites coming fromt he top of the tower and he prepared his people to face them. When the lamanites came his people were ready to fight and they fought like dragons!! Yes..dragons..(Tell chelsea gray...yes there are really dragons, she has asked me before :D and tell her congratulations for me!! So crazy that she is married!!) So anyways they fought like dragons because they were fighting for their lives, wives and children, and even though the lamanites were double their number, King Limhi's people dominated. I learned from this story that it is all about preparation and desire! Especially in missionary work but even in all other aspects of life. If we plan well and our desires are in the right place we can do anything with the Lord's help! We can be ready to fight like dragons for the Lord everyday. Well time is runnign quick. Hope you all have a great week! Love you bunches! Your son,       -Elder Ripley

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