Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 15, 2013

      I am glad you got the package! Yeah to make the tea that is all you do, put it in boiling water and let it dissolve. The less water you use the sweeter it is! If you make it super sweet and put some vanilla ice cream in with it, it is so delicious! Did you guys drink it hot or cold? Some people do drink it hot but most people drink it cold. I think it is alot better cold with vanilla icecream! And is that peanut butter good or I am just crazy? I think it is so much better than jiffy...I am glad Brother Smith enjoyed it :D Tell him if he needs more just let me know! So you are going to be staying in casa grande for 2 weeks with grandma velma? Sounds like that might be just as exciting as the 2 week safari in Africa! Haha tell Grandma I love and miss her for me! How are you going to manage that with work?  Hope all is going well back home! Oh and yes alot of chinese books are read from left to right and that big building is a buddhist temple in mingjian! 
       As for Taiwan things are going pretty good! Elder Liu and I are still working hard to find those people that are prepared to recieve the Gospel. We spent alot of time this week in secondary areas looking for some less active members which was an adventure! The ward gave us a list of members that they had not seen for awhile and their phone numbers were no longer in use or wrong numbers and asked us to visit them! We had a hard time finding alot of them because addresses in small towns in taiwan are super hard to find and alot of the people had moved and what not but we did find a few! We haven't had the chance to meet with them yet but we have confirmed they still live in ward boundaries and have contact with them which is good. One of them is a lady who moved out of her old house but lives close by, and when we went to her house we ran into her dad who helped us get ahold of her. Turns out she has been in a car accident lately and may need some help! I know that God sent us to find His lost child! We are still working with Bother Liu as well. He studies the scripture like no other investigator I have ever seen. 
       Well I hope you had a great week last week and have an even better week this week! Love and miss you bunches! Yes that animal I am petting is indeed a kangaroo. Pretty cool huh? Enjoy the tea and peanut butter while it lasts! If you want more or any or weird foods from taiwan just let me know.  
Love, Elder Ripley

We just dug into the waffles and chicken flavored chips this week and there are surprisingly not bad! The flavor didn't taste alot like waffles and chicken but I can see what they are going for. As far as cereal goes we are doing alright! Right now I am at about 4 bags left so we should be good for at least another few days...haha just kidding at least a few weeks! Thanks abunch dad, we are really enjoying the cereal aton over here!
Thanks for taking such good care of my car for me dad! That is such a nice looking car too. I will probably never buy another car, just drive the stang for the rest of my life :D Haha unless you trade it in for a ferrari again.
Yeah I heard Kolbe got hurt from a member in our ward haha everyone in taiwan knows kolbe bryant. That is a bummer! Sounds like the diamond backs are doing great! Everyone in taiwan knows them as well!
The Gospel is still true in Taiwan as well. I am so grateful for your prayers dad! I pray for you every day as well! Hope all is well back home. Miss and love you, Elder Ripley

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