Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 8, 2013

    The package should get there soon enough. It usually takes like two weeks right? You will probably get it in a week or so? Sedona looks like it was a ton of fun! The kids look like they really enjoyed riding those horses! So Dusty and Heather are gone and Celeste is back with Cody? Things never do get dull at the Ripley house! How far away are Dusty and Heather? Sounds like everything is going pretty great back in the good ole AZ. Was the yardsale a hit? I am sure you guys were probably pretty busy!
    As for us everything is rockin here in taiwan! Elder Liu and I are still working hard here in xinying! Our investigators are doing pretty good. We are meeting with Brother Liu and he is pretty fantastic. I love that guy. We are also meeting with a stud named brother zeng. He has been having some trouble with english class in highschool so we have been helping him out a little lately. We taught him to pray before he studies english which he has been doing this last week! So good. He has come to church the last two weeks as well! We also saw a pretty cool miracle this week. I ran into a lady on the street about a week and half ago and tried sharing a little bit with her about the church but she was a little busy at the time so I gave her a little flyer with our churches address on it and what not and last week on tuesday right after we finished district training meeting she showed up at the chapel! We are not at the chapel unless we have a lesson or a meeting so her showing up right when we happened to be there was a miracle in intself! We invited her to church and she came this week with her two kids! We introduced them to alot of people in the ward and I know they had a pretty good experience. I am super pumped to continue to share the gospel with this amazing family this week!
      Well I hope all is going well back home! Miss and love you bunches!! Have a good week! Your favorite child,
      -Elder Ripley

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