Wednesday, April 17, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hey Momma!
      Sounds like quite the challenge, sleeping while holding grandmas hand and trying to keep her from take her eyepatch off! Hope she is doing better this week! I did not even remember that it was Saint Patricks Day and I wore a green tie to church that day. Too perfect. They don't celebrate Saint Patricks day here though. You made a bottle of honey explode? How long did you put it in the microwave for?! Haha holy cow youre right you are pretty lucky that did not hit you in the eye!
      This week we had some challenges but thats ok, thats what makes us better!
     While studying the Book of Mormon this week I read a part that I really liked! I think it is mosiah chapter 24. At this point in the Book of Mormon Amulon is ruler over Alma and his people and he orders them not to pray, and if anyone is found praying they are to be killed. The people start praying in their hearts and the Lord hears and answers their prayers! He promises that their burdens will be lifted and in the next verse it talks about how their burdens were liften and they faced their trial cheerfully and with patience. I thought it was super cool that even though their situation had not changed and they still had the same burden, their burdens were lightened and carried with ease because the Lord helped them change their hearts and their attitudes! In the next verse it talks about because of their faith and patience they are delivered from bondage. Faith proceeds the miracle and a cheerful attitude, some patience, and heartfelt prayers will produce that faith! With Gods help and a good attitude we can do anything!
      Well hope you had a great week this week! Love you bunches!      -Elder Ripley

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