Wednesday, April 17, 2013

March 25, 2013

Wow the temple is opening so soon! That is super cool! Tell Natalie I say hello when you see her!  Happy Anniversary Momma!!!!! Wow 33 years, that is quite along time. I am so grateful for my awesome mom & dad. You are my favorite parents in the world! :D
      This week I read a really cool talk! Converted unto the Lord by David A. Bednar. It is from last general conference. Super great talk, if you get a chance give it read! General conference is coming up quick! So crazy! Time is flying by.
      Well I hope all is going well back home! Love you all! If there is anything you want from Taiwan just let me know! I sent a package today with some stuff that I didn't feel like carrrying around as well as some cool stuff from Taiwan! Enjoy! Love and miss you -Elder Ripley

Jaden Feddock is already leaving! Wow! He must have graduated highschool early right? That is so awesome! What a stud. And I can't believe Carson Schaub is already home! Tell him hello for me when you see him.

Dusty and Heather are moving out? Is Dustin still working at Quantum? Tell him to get a job in Hawaii already!

Hope you had a great week! Happy Anniversary Dad!! I am so grateful for two awesome parents that I had the priveledge to be raised by! Hope you let mom win in phase 10 on your anniversary :D Love you dad! You are always in my prayers as well. I know the gospel is true!        -Elder Ripley 

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