Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 24, 2012

Hello momma! How was your week? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Sounds like christmas has been pretty busy! Haha the christmas tree is looking pretty good! Tell conner and corrin they did a pretty great job! That is so cool, voyager ward has 3 more missionaries out! Man our ward is so great. Tell the ward thanks so much for the christmas letters they sent me! I enjoyed reading them. Also, thank you for the christmas package!! I have not opened any of the wrapped things yet because..well it's not christmas! I will open one tonight though. Sounds like moving everything out of Darcis house was quite the job! Like Dad said, too bad he didn't have any bird brains over there helping him out!
      This was a pretty good week for us. We are already starting to see christmas miracles! On thursday we had our mission christmas activity! We went to this place called ming jian and went around to see some of the cool places there. We also had a little fireside at the end of the day and talked about Christ being our foundation. On our way home, our bus broke down so we ended up having to walk over to the train station and hop on the train. After sitting down in our seats we started up a conversation with the people next to us who were way cool. 
       This week we also had a christmas activity with our branch at the chapel! We had a few investigators come and they had a great experience. We watched a bit of the beggining of the christmas devotional from the first presidency and then the projector fell over so we played we went straight to the activity part which every loved. It was super great for our investigators because they got to know the ward better and had a chance to learn the real meaning of christmas as well as feel the spirit of it! So great. I am very grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and at this christmas time I am filled with even more gratitude as I reflect on the meaning of Christmas and the story of Christ's birth. Born as a baby in a manger, come to save the world from sin. What a miraculous story!
       So about skyping! We are going to come to the internet cafe which has webcams and skype and what not and skype you on wednesday morning at 8 which means it will be teusday night at 5pm for you! Is that cool? We will plan on that! and I will be using my own skype account so watch out for me! Talk to yuo soon! Love you bunches!

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