Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 10, 2012

Yeah I got the if you could hie to kolob one, but I did not get the masters hand one. Thank you!! Make sure when you send the music that they are Mp3 files, otherwise they will not work. The if you could hie to kolob was mp3 but that christmas music was not. And yes I can get CDs onto my drive no problem! As far as new music goes I will think some this coming week and let you know next week! So when can I skype you on christmas? We are pretty much cool whenever so it is up to you guys! Let me know what time you want to do it so we can start making some plans! 
        All is going pretty well, the weather is getting cold! It has been pretty rainy and cold lately. It is kind of a nice change though. A few people even put up christmas trees! Pretty awesome. Well time is getting short we gotta jet! Sorry this week is a little short! Love you momma! Love    -Elder Ripley

          Another great week here as well. It is starting to get pretty cold these days! Darci is moving into a house right next to the gilbert temple? That is so cool! That is super close to our house too!  I really liked the picture of your breakfast the other day, I have been craving a breakfast like that lately! Haha love you dad. I wish we could go get a tree together too. Miss you guys! Go get one and take the stick with my picture on it with you :D Well our time is about up. Love you dad! Talk to you next week!  
             Love   -Elder Ripley Tell paul he is getting old! 

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