Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 17th, 2012

      How was staying at Aunt Alices with grandma? If you see her let her know that I love her! That is so weird that Nick is already home, it does not seem like 2 years ago that we went to his farewell. How is he doing? 
       Paul-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You better slow it down a bit! I think you can get into movies for the senior price now right? That must be nice. Haha love you bro. Miss you! Hope all is going well! Have a sweet birthday!
      This week was a pretty good week. It was Elder Hansen's very last week on the mission! It is super weird to think he is leaving! We dropped him off at the train station this morning! My new companion is Elder Stratford. I was actually with him in the MTC for six weeks! It is cool to be able to see him again and see how great of a missionary he has become! I am excited for this coming move call with him! We are going to work hard and have a good time. I am sure he is going to love xin ying, this place is the best. The members here are so great. Speaking of which, this last week we got taken out to dinner quite a few times because Elder Hansen was leaving. Sweeeet :D The ward here really supports the missionaries big time and loves doing missionary work, it is the greatest! I am super glad I have had the opportunity to serve here. I have met life long friends, including Tyler! He is my big bro in taiwan. He wants to add you and dad on facebook and he says if you want you can email him- Haha he is a funny one. Super cool kid, tell him he is your son in taiwan, he says he wants to be part of the fam. This week we also had a pretty cool christmas activity in jaiyi. Our whole district went and they had some performances and a huge lunch! Christian organizations from all around town came and did some performances as well! It made me realize how much the church has an impact on the community! We had some recent converts and investigators come with us to it which was super cool too.  One of the greatest feelings ever-when your investigators consistantly have good experiences while reading the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the huge blessings it brings into our lives when we read it and strive to better understand it. Just as Joseph Smith said, we can grow closer to God by reading and living by the teachings in the Book of Mormon than by reading and living by the teachings of any other book. 
       Well I hope you have a great week! Thanks for the music!
Love and miss you! 
Oh yes and for christmas we will either skype you on christmas morning or night. Not sure yet, we have to tlak with some members and see what their schedule is like. I will let you know next monday.      

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