Monday, January 27, 2014

January 19, 2014

HEY.This is the end of another movecall, and the start of a new one! Last move call was pretty sweet. Elder Chia and I saw alot of success and most importantly were blessed with so many opportunities to serve the missionaries around us and share our testimonys with so many people. We have some great goals and plans for the coming move call and are going to work hard at them! One of these goals is to continue to help all of the Elders in our zone to reach their full potential as missionaries. Last movecall we saw aton of miracles on exchanges and realized that we don't help them reach their full potential by being amazing or a really skilled missionary, but rather by first having a desire to help them and then praying for Heavenly Father to allow us to see what they are doing really good and then helping them build on that. We were able to have some really inspiring exchanges and plan to have even more! Another goal we have is to help some of our investigators be baptized. 

I am really excited to see the temple dedication coming up! It sounds huge!! Thanks for working on that school stuff for me mom. Please wish Hannah and Gage Happy birthday for me this week! I have two other favors to ask you of you if you get the chance- 1. I need some ideas of activities that you can use in the home to help familys apply Gospel principles. For example those service bells we used to use, where you serve someone secretly and then leave the bells on their bed. Any creative or fun ideas? 2. I need some pictures to send in to the mission office but I sent alot of them home already, so I was wondering if you could send me as many baptismal pictures as you can (at least 7) and then at least 7 other pictures. Maybe a few funny ones or cool ones whatever works. Thank you so much mom!! You are the best! Love and miss you, -Elder Ripley

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