Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 26, 2014

Hey mom don't worry about the pictures, you sent me all of the ones I needed! Thanks aton! And I have been taking lots of others lately as well. No I did not put a memory card in that box so no need to worry about that either, that was just abunch of stuff I wanted to send back. Thank you for those ideas as well! We are definitely going to use them! Ushering at the temple sounds like a blast!! There are so many people going in that is crazy! I am so excited to go see it. This week I had to write a miracle story and send it in to the office for them to put in a book or something. All of the misisonaries going home have to write one so I will just share with you what I Wrote. I was trying to make it sound really so I hope it worked. It was really intense though :D
Miracle Story- It was the end of the week. Time to report our work for that week. Knowing that the companionships in our district were strong missionaries with lots of faith, and that they were working with some great investigators.  We came back the next week with a fire in us. We talked about it together every day and encouraged and inspired each other to be better. Through our faith the Lord made up for that. We pondered our efforts of the last week in an attitude of happiness and appreciation for the blessings and miracles we had seen, yet dissapointment and confusion at why we had come so close to hitting the goal but fell short when we had so much faith that we could do it. Sunday night, 10:20pm, the phone rings and it is the sisters in our district. A sister of one of their recent converts just moved back home from another area and had been meeting with the missionaries there.  With 10 minutes on the clock we did it!!! With all of the miracles that occured and the effort that we put in to hitting that goal, we realized most importantly of all, that the happiness came not from hitting the number itself, but in seeing lives changed because of the faith and effort we put into becoming tools in the Lord's hand. When missionaries come together in faith, they can accomplish anything.

We had another super huge miracle this week. Brother chen progressed smoothly through all of the lessons and had a few really cool testimonies that God loved him throughout the teaching process. Last week he was baptized! He is going to be such a great recent convert because of his great sense of responsibility and his resolve to follow Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have been a part of the proccess of him starting his new life in the Gospel!
Have a great week mom, love and miss you bunches. THank you so much for taking care of all that school stuff for me!! You are the best!!

Being an usher must have been awesome! I am sure you had a really great experience seeing all of these people gathering to see the temple.
That is a bummer that you missed niks, I should have told you he was heading back!
I will be sure and tell them happy birthday, thanks for the reminder dad. Love and miss you! have a great week!


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