Monday, January 27, 2014

December 9, 2013

I totally remember saying that..haha I remember why too! I feel like I remember saying something about how movies are wrong because they always say I have two words for you- shut, up! But really shutup is just one word. Oh man I was a spaz for sure :D Thanks for putting up with me mom!
This past week was another exciting week for Elder Chia and I. While we were having a lesson with one of those families we are teaching, we had just finished teaching them about baptism and the son pipes up "can I be baptized?" So awesome! He even came to the baptism in jiayi last saturday too! We are making some really great progress with them. They are such a cute family and really willing to learn about the Gospel! We had movecall this last week but I will be staying here with Elder Chia! I was so relieved/ excited when move call came out, I was kind of scared I might move! I mean of course I was ready to go where the Lord wanted me to go but I was secretly praying to stay here. I am loving it!   Well we need to get going because we are going to go to  an aboriginee village place today, I will be sure and send some cool pics next week! Love and miss you mom! hope you have a great week! -Elder Ripley

You put up lights! Oh man I missed it! I will definitely have to help you throw some up next year as well. Take some good pictures for me! These last few weeks have been full of tons of miracles. I have noticed as I grow closer to the end of my mission how perfect the Lords plan for all of us is. He allows us to have the experiences we need in order to become the person He wants us to be. All we have to do is give it all to Him. If He is the center of all that we do than everything else will fall in place and we will live the life He wants us to live. I have learned so much on my mission and I know it will change my future so much!
Sounds like you guys are still havin aton of fun at home with that cat! I feel like she has gotten so much bigger! Sad to hear ASU got whooped...Who is going to take the national championship?
Well I hope you have a great week Dad! Love and miss you!

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