Monday, January 27, 2014

December 16, 2013

This week was super awesome!!! Lots more miracles and cool experiences. Our investigators and the members we are working with all all doing great! We don't have a ton of time right now because we are working on some christmas cards for the ward leaders here right now and need to go help out but I will share a few experiences real quick. 
I'll share quickly one little experience that made a big difference for me this last week. -We were teaching a referral that had just recently started meeting with us and we were sharing the restoration. It was getting near the end of the lesson and my companion had just finished sharing testimony of the restoration and for a split second I kind of sat back and thought my companion had shared enough and we could go on to the end of the lesson, and then I scratched my side and my hand touched my badge and it just hit me right then, I am representing Christ and I need to take advantage of all of the time that I have to bear testimony of Him to all of my brothers and sisters in taiwan. The spirit prompted me strongly and I bore my testimony of Him right there! We invited him to be baptized and he accepted, and told us that he believes the first vision is true. Small miracle that meant the world to me.

Funny story- This last week I was contacting this guy at a park and there were a few little kids running around us playing that were his nephews. As we were talking one of the kids tries to snot rocket the boogers out of his nose but it just turned into two super long strings of snot hanging down from his nose, and he starts walking towards us bending over with his snot hanging down and yelling for his uncle to help him out. The uncle and I are just cracking up and he pulls out his phone and says dont move dont move I am going to take a picture! Yeah pretty disgusting but I was laughing so hard. Well hope you all had a great week and have an even better one this week! Love and miss you. -Elder Ripley

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