Friday, June 7, 2013

June 3, 2013

Dear Mom, 
     Looks like you are going to have a super busy summer!  Send me some pictures! That is super cool that dusty got a job flying! I am sure he is going to love it. I am sure the missionaries enjoyed being fed by you guys! I wonder how the work is going over there. 
       The maps are on paper. They are printed out with a list of all the people in that area along with their addresses phone numbers and other info. Maybe I will just take a picture, that might be easier :D Things have been going super fantastic! The district I am in is full of super awesome missionaries! I have had the opportunity of learning so much from them! It kind of reminded me of when Alma the younger is glorying in their successes while preaching to the lamanites and his joy is full because of the success of his brethren. We are all super good friends here and glory in eachother's successes. The first day I was here we found this college kid on the street and the next day we met with him, but due to him being a little late and us having another lesson we had to get to we only had just enough time to give him a quick tour of the chapel and talk a little bit about prayer. He was a little busy after that and we didn't seem him for about 2 weeks but last week we set up with him and met! Turns out he has prayed every single night since we last met and he really has a desire to know if the Book of Mormon is the word of God! So good! He also accepted a baptismal goal for the june 29th! He is such a stud. We are excited to keep working with him and help him hit that goal!
       Well I hope you have a good week this week! Try and relax a little bit, school is out! :D Love you bunches, Elder Ripley

Hey Dad,
You look like you are really having alot of fun with that cat of yours! Wow 107! Pretty smokin' hot. It is summer here now as well. I am almost always sweating on proselyting days, no matter where I am or what I am doing! But the work is going great so nothing worth complaining about. 
Things are going so great here in tainan. I am loving this area so much already. The missionaries I serve with, the people, our investigators, everything! We are seeing alot of miracles here. Baptisms will soon follow. Love and miss you, have a great week!
          -Elder Ripley

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