Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Wow this missionary broadcast sounds pretty crazy! I knew some missionaries could use that stuff but does this mean all missionaries will? I think it would be too weird to go on my facebook...President Bishop goes home this week and he said when our new president, president Blickenstaff, comes that he will announce some exciting new changes to missionary work so I am guessing it has something to do with the broadcast you are talking about. That post from twitter or whatever was pretty funny, wonder who thought of that! That is a super crazy story about that kid that is looking for his birth family. So he is a member and served a mission? That would be really crazy if he turned out being related to us! If he was pretty good looking he probably has some Ripley blood in him :D
We still have not gotten ahold of that investigator, he just dissapeared! Huge bummer..but like 5 minutes ago I ran into one of our other investigators who dissapeared too which was cool! He is a college student and we email at the library on the college campus, and we just ran into him here! He ran up behind me and hit my bag and I was super confused who was hitting my bag and it was him! He said he has been busy with finals lately but he said he can meet with us this thursday because tests will be over by then! Sweet!
I have a new companion now! His name is Elder Washburn. He is from Lindon Utah. I don't know if Dad has been watching the NFL draft but my companions brother, Ziggy, was drafted by the detroit Lions! 5th pick in the first round. Super nuts! He plays defensive line. Ziggy is his adopted brother. This is his first move call on his mission! He is seriously such a stud. He has a huge desire to work and is constantly working to better himself. I am excited to be his first companion! We are going to see aton of miracles these coming weeks. Last night we set a goal for new investigators and went out there to find them with an acronym we made in mind. FFA, faith fire and attitude. We had the faith Heavenly Father would put those people in our path and we had the fire to go and find and we did! It was awesome, it was like one after another after another, everyone was setting up with us! We are super excited to be working together this move call and are doing every thing we can to forward the work here in tainan. We are lovin it!
Well I hope you have a great week! Love and miss you. Thanks SO much for the cereal, we are loving it!!!     -Elder Ripley
Thank you so much for the cereal Dad!!! We are lovin it!!! I have been chowin down but we still have quite abit so you shouldn't have to worry about refills for awhile. You have no idea how much I am enjoying it, it is seriously the best! Robby was super excited about the cereal you sent too, he is lovin it!
Kalvins farewell is this coming sunday?! Wow time is going too fast. He is going to be such a great missionary. Wish I could be there to hear his talk.
Thanks for taking such good care of my car for me!
Sounds like the missionary conference was pretty cool! I think when our new mission president gets here he will announce to us what went on.
So that pool really is going to get finished? Sounds pretty exciting! We can have a pool party when I get home!
Well I hope you have a good week this week. Love you Dad! Thanks again for that cereal, we are eating breakfast like champs now.
-Elder Ripley

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