Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hey momma, You can tell people that I will answer them it just might not be right away. We 90 minutes to be on the computers which includes report to president and what not so sometimes I can't get to answering everyone. School is out! That is super crazy! Do you guys have any sweet plans for the summer? Sounds like you are going to be a little busy! That is so awesome, I wish I could have gone to the baptism so bad! Tell them congratulations for me!! Tell Ryan I say I want to go to their family sealing in a year! Wow our sacrament meeting has quite a few people! Our ward here had 88 yesterday which is pretty good. The ward here is awesome.
     Elder Casperson and I worked hard on the streets this last week and saw some pretty good success. We had 5 investigators come to church this last week which was a huge blessing seeing as though the week before we had 0! We found aton of really cool people this week. Our mission just got these sweet new maps that are super useful. It was actually developed by on the of the members in taibao! (where I was previously) Pretty much what it does is breaks up your area into sections and then in each section it gives the members that live there a number, so when you look on the map you see each section and if you turn to that sections page it brings up a closer look with a sign where each member lives. Super convenient. It is the next step before Ipads. Previously there have been tons of people using ward lists to contact the less active members or find people who haven't been in awhile but didn't live behind alot of notes so what ends up happening is the missionaries after them end up doing the same thing they just did. After lessons we plan to go to nearby less actives and formers using the map and then just talk to everyone we run into on the way. It has been working pretty good for us. What we need to work on right now is bettering our relationship with the ward. It is pretty good but I just got here so I am still getting to know everyone. So things are going pretty good here, we are just setting a vision for what we want to accomplish within these next few move calls and making some plans! Elder Casperson says hello back! His brithday is coming up so if you or anyone in the family send a package sometime soon send a box of cereal for him. (Preferrably lucky charms, fruity pebbles, honeycomb, one of those kinds)
Well I love you momma! Hope everything is going great back home. Have a good week and a good start to summer! Oh yeah and tell Jack I love him.
Love, Elder Ripley (Caleb :D)

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