Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17, 2013

I don't know if it is different in tapei or not but I have never heard of anyones parents coming to pick them up before. It is pretty much a rule, not only for taiwan but other missions as well. So it would be best to plan something later on if we have the time/money. What is this scanner thing? It keeps records of documents in it or what? Sounds pretty handy! Father's Day was probably pretty fun! So many Father's in the family these days. Looks like the kids all had a pretty good time, besides brock and blythe fighting over that bag hahaha. You are doing so good at getting to the temple, make sure and take dad along with you! The temple is such a huge blessing, especially having one so close! Oh yeah how are the Huffs doing? I have been keeping in touch with Nik everyonce in awhile. He seems to be doing pretty good in the netherlands. How are the girls doing? They are probably so big now! That is a good idea, I mean being their friends! It is amazing what big difference one friend can make. Thanks for your great example to me of being such a good friend to others mom! Your are awesome!
This week was a little tough because we can't get a hold of one of our really good investigators.  We did see some pretty cool miracles this week though.  We had two investigators confirmed, but then that morning they both told us they couldn't make it! We were bumbed out but prayed that we would be able to continue to find more new investigators and bam, one of the sister's investigators family members shows up to church and so does some other random guy! Super cool! We added them both as new investigators and are pretty excited to continue working with them this week! Super awesome! Oh yeah one of the people I found while I was in xinying  is getting baptized! Crazy thing is he acutally lives here in tainan and is getting baptized into the other ward that meets in the same building as us! Tons of cool miracles. Things are going great and we are working pretty hard to find new investigators and see more miracles here in tainan. Well I hope everything is going well back home! Hope you are having a great summer and are staying cool! Love you bunches momma,
      -Elder Ripley

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!! Looks like everyone had a great time back home hanging out for Father's Day! All you fathers are looking pretty good. Except the one on the far rights hair is lookin a little silver these days...haha tell everyone hello for me! Looks like everyone was pretty happy except for when brock and blythe were fighting for that bag, that was a nice shot. I am sure Robby will really enjoy that! I have not gotten the package yet, it should be here soon I guess. Thanks Dad! We also look forward to more cereal over here. Running real smooth! So smooth you forgot to put the flags up! That is pretty funny, I am sure everyone was a little confused as to why they didn't get their flag up that day.
Well I hope you are having a great summer over there. It is pobably just as hot over here, just a little more humid so we sweat like crazy. The last few days have been a little over cast though which has been nice. The rainy days are pretty cool as well. Things are going pretty well here in our area. We have quite a few really good investigators with a lot of potential we just got to pull things through here in these next few weeks. Hope you have a good week next week. Love you dad! Tell Dom if he gets the chance, to email me or something. Haven't seen or talked to him in forever! The Gospel is true.
        -Elder Ripley

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