Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 1, 2013

Wow it is smokin' hot over there! It is pretty hot here as well, I am not really sure temperature wise all I know is I am wet all of the time! Its alright though, you get used to it pretty fast. Yes President Bishop went home last saturday and President Blickenstaff is here now! I have not seen him yet but I am pretty sure we are going to have interviews this week. I will have to tell Elder Washburn that, he makes all of the decisions! That is right Dad always told me that I make the decisions so I do! I Will be sure and pass that down to my new companion, because I know it has helped me accomplish alot on mission. Elder Washburn is such a stud. He has a super great attitude and always has a smile on his face. We are going to accomplish alot these next few move calls! I am not surprised that this is the place Brother Smith enjoyed the most, it is such a great city! I love it! I will have to ask him which ward he served in. I am glad you are enjoying your stretching, and not streaking..hahaha I read that over once and though hmmm I wonder if she typed that wrong? Way to go mom, streaking again! (In my letter to Caleb I told him I was streaking...meant to say stretching) Haha that is good though excersize is huge! It gives you alot more energy every day too!
       This last week was a pretty good week for us! We ran into quite a few really prepared people on the street last week and started meeting with them! Two of them accepted baptismal goals too! They are so great.  One of them lives in a close by city so he will be going to church there but from mon to fri he is here so we are continuing to teach him. He is so great, he is getting his masters degree from the college in our area. Really awesome kid. He gave us abunch of peaches the other day that I am now putting in my cereal..yum! He is such a great guy. His biggest concern when we invited him to be baptized is that his pants might get wet! Haha he is really awesome, learns things really quickly and really enjoys learning about the Gospel. The other one is such a stud. He came to church yesterday and went to FHE and hung out with the people in our ward without us even there. Super great, that is how we hope it happens with all of the investigators we find. It is hard sometimes because almost all of the investigators that we have we find from contacting on the street so sometimes it is hard to help them get to know people in the ward if there is no one there they really click with.  We are also meeting with this kid lately. He is an 11 year old who comes to church every week and his older sister is a member. Last wednesday his mom came and picked him up from the english class so we talked with him and his mom for alittle but and by the end we set a baptismal date for him in august as well! Super awesome! He is a cute little kid and is super excited for his baptism. The work is moving forward here in tainan! Pray for these people when you get the chance. Hope you have a good week! Love and miss you mom!    -Elder Ripley

Bobbing for cupcake party? I dont remember that! (We saw some pictures of Caleb at a Church activity and they were sticking their faces in these flour type things and we didn't know what to call it. It looked sort of like bobbing for apples, but instead of having water all over the face, they had flour all over their faces)
That is awesome, when is Kellen headed out? He is going to Idaho right? I wish I could have been there for Kalvin's farewell talk, but I am happy I will be able to be there for his homecoming talk!
Sounds like it is getting pretty hot these days! It is heating up over here as well. Your right it is all mental though. We have gotten pretty good at forgetting about the heat during proselyting out here. The occassional mango or peach smoothie helps as well :) yum! They are less than a dollar too which is so awesome. The food here is so delicious and so cheap. I am excited to bring you and mom here to try everything!
The stash should last me at least a few more weeks but I will be sure and let you know when it gets low. Thanks so much Dad, you have no idea how much I am enjoying the cereal!
I am sure everyone got a good laugh from your explanation on the "hickup" haha that is pretty funny. You are a fartsmeller! Err I mean smartfeller!
Well I love and miss you dad! Hope you have a good week this week! I am so grateful for my mission experiences thus far and I know they have turned out this way because of everything you taught me. Love you pops     -Elder Ripley

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