Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Hello!! Wow the party looks like it was pretty fun! Wish the girls happy birthday for me! Haha how in the world did Trent get a mohawk? That's pretty funny. Tell aunt winnie yes I did have a chance to meet with a family that Brooke baptized a few months ago it was way cool!
Well this week was abit of a crazy week! We did get alot of rain but as for the typhoon it didn't hit taichung. It will be coming back around and hitting taiwan again but I think it is hitting the south again, we will see.
We got to go to the temple this week! The temple was awesome. I love going to the temple, I wish we could go every week like we did in the MTC. Also on friday we went to sun moon lake! We didn't really get a chance to take a look around because we went straight into this building when we got there and then by the time we left it was dark. Bummer! We went there to help out with a youth activity that was happening there! There were about 400 youth from southern and central taiwan who stayed there for a few days and had kind of like a youth conference type thing. We went on friday night to do a book of Mormon activity with them! We split up and shared testimony about the book of Mormon and then gave every person there a Book of Mormon and had them write their testimony inside and think of a friend that they could share their testimony with and give them it! What an amazing opportunity that was for the youth here in taiwan to strengthen their testimonies! It was alot of fun but we didn't get home and in bed until 12 ish so I was exhausted the next day!
So about a week and a half ago our investigator, brother Yang, was baptized! Another lady was baptized that same night who is going to LA next week so maybe she can go say hello to Celeste! It was a great night. Brother Yang is such a great guy. His testimony and willingness to follow our Lord Jesus Christ is growing and growing. He has changed quite abit since the first time I met him. He is so much happier these days! He bore his testimony at his baptism and it was awesome. He talked about how he had been to our church when he was in highschool but never wanted to be baptized which we never knew! He told a story about how one day we had set up a lesson with him at his house but there was a typhoon! He was really surprised when we actually showed up despite the typhoon and thought that what we had to share must be really important if we rode our bikes to his house in that kind of weather. Sure enough he acted on what we taught him and gained a witness and testimony of this gospel through the holy ghost. I am super excited I had the chance to be part of this change in his life! He has been baptized and now knows what his purpose in life is and has that precious knowledge that Jesus Christ is his savior and through His atonement he can improve himself and seek comfort. It is amazing how the gospel changes lives! It is changing my life everyday! I am grateful to be a part of this work! Love you Mom and hope you have an awesome next week!
                -Elder Caleb Ripley

Our delicious burgers at feed me

Brother Yang who got baptized 


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