Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hey Momma! 
This week was an awesome week. We had some really cool experiences and saw some miracles! I love being a missionary and working hard everyday to help others come to know their savior Jesus Christ. There is nothing better than the satisfaction that comes after a long hard day of missionary work!
This week we met with one of our investigators, brother Yang, a few times. He is the one that we have been meeting with since I got here in april and he would always say he was coming to church and then never come for unknown reasons that he didn't want to tell us, and then just recently started coming to church! Now he has been to church for the past three weeks straight! In our lesson with him this past week we watched the movie finding faith in Christ. Right as the movie ended he turns to us and asks "So when can I get baptized?" My companion and I said great this is extactly what we wanted to talk about today! We set a goal with him for august 18th, which is this saturday! We have set two baptismal goals with him before, and taught him almost 20 lessons now, so I have spent quite a bit of time getting to know brother Chen. These last 3 weeks he has changed so much. As he started praying and reading daily and coming to church, and repenting of his sins I have seen him change so much. Now everytime we see him he is so much happier and relaxed! It is amazing the changes that the atonement and this gospel can make in our lives. I am so excited to be able to see him take this huge step in his life to follow our perfect example, Jesus Christ.
Also, this week we went to visit a less active in our ward, brother Chao. I have also been meeting with him since I first got here in april. This lesson we talked about the sabbath day, We talked about why we keept it holy and why we take the sacrament. We also talked alot about all of the blessings that come when we do! Right in the middle of the lesson he looks at us and says alright next week I am coming to church, a new start! Wow, so cool! I am not sure why it wasn't until now that this happened, but I know the spirit was there and I know he felt it! I am super excited to see him at church this week and see him renew his commitment to follow Jesus Christ. What an amazing blessing the sacrament is!
Well I hope all is well back home! I miss and love you!!
       Love- Elder Ripley

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