Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3, 2012

Hello Momma! Sounds like dad has softened up abit and started letting you win in phase 10 again :D hehe
Taiwan is doing great! The weather yesterday was rediculous though! We were inside doing studies after chruch and it started to rain, but then stopped right when we went out to proselyte. Right when we got back in to make dinner it started raining hard again, and the rain drops were huge! We heard this huge rumbling in the distance and my companion and I looked at eachother like whoah...that was big. A few minutes later we heard a super loud crack and boom that was even louder! I wasn't sure how it was so loud, and then right after another one struck right outside our window and was the loudest thunder and lightning ever! We looked outside and the sky was just go crazy, lightining striking everywhere. It was super rediculous! Right when we went out to proselyte again the rain stopped again! Haha lucky us. 
Right now we pretty much are out of investigators that we meet with on a solid basis. We are working hard to find those people that the Lord has prepared, but lately it has just been a little hard to find them! No matter, I know the Lord is using this time to teach me, and faith always proceeds the miracle, so we are just going to hit it hard again this week and find those people the Lord would have us teach. One lesson I learned this week-We had a little activity planned this last friday with our investigator and some other missionaries and their investigators, but it turns out our investigator couldn't come, so it would have been kind of pointless to go. I thought that the Lord might have something else in mind for us that night so I was excited to go to work! We went tracting and contacted some people on the streets instead and we didn't find anyone, and we happened to tract by a less actives apartment that we have been trying to get in touch with lately. We went over and he wasn't home, but in taiwan they always have these security desks at the front of every apartmemt complex, and the guy at the desk told us to come back around 4pm to see the guy we were looking for. (Which is odd because those security guys usually don't like us very much and make it really hard to get in touch with people who live in apartments, they just tell us everyone isn't home or that we have to call them first, we can't just come visit) By the end of the night we had no success and I was bummed that the activity for cancelled and then we had no success on our back up plan. Sunday came around and we thought about that less active and put him in the plan for 4pm like that security guy had said. We went over at 4 and he was home! It was perfect timing too because he works night shifts so he had just woken up and had to go to work in abit. His attitude towards us changed quite abit too, he was really nice and invited us in and told us he wants to come back to church but work makes it hard. We talked about what we could do to help him come back and set some plans with him. I know the activity on friday was cancelled for a reason, even though I didn't see the results right away. It helped me realize that the Lord definitely has a plan for us, and he will bless us, we just need to hold out faithful even if we don't see a solution or results right away! I know it is kind of an obvious thing I guess but it was an experience that just kind of made me once again realize and strengthened my testimony. 
Love you momma and hope all is going well! Have a super awesome week!!!

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