Monday, August 13, 2012

August 6, 2012

     HELLO Momma! I feel your prayers and love everyday no doubt. I pray for you and the family everyday as well, I hope you are feeling my prayers and love too! David was such an amazing guy. He did alot to take care of grandma and we are all very grateful for it. It is always sad to hear that someone has passed away, but how great it is to have the knowledge that he is on to do a different work now. The joy that the plan of happiness brings into our lives is irreplaceable! Grandma Mabel definitely did live a good long life. I love her and know she has moved on to do a different work now, just as David has. 
     Brother Thomas told you about that chair? Haha as you know I can sleep anytime anywhere. :) Wow sterling is getting so big! He is almost a man now! All of those kiddos are growing up quick. 
     As for me this week was pretty good! We are continuing to see miracles! Last monday night we had in our plan to go visit a family that we recently started teaching. When we got to their house they weren't home! We were a little bummed out but our back up plan was to go and visit a less-active that lives nearby who we had not seen for awhile. He and his wife are both members, but his wife works at the hospital (she is a nurse) all the time, so we have never had an opportunity to meet her because she is never home! He always tells us he would like to come back to church, but his wife has no time to take him, and he cannot drive himself because of some medical conditions. He is also scared to go to church without his wife by his side, because she is a nurse so if anything were to happen concerning his medical conditions she would know what to do. When we got to the apartment he lives in we rang up to his room and waited for a few minutes. No one answered, and just as we were getting ready to go he walked up right behind us! And his wife was with him as well! They invited us in and right as we sat down his wife told us all about their night. She told us that they had been out shopping and for some reason she was in a huge hurry to go. She kept telling her husband hurry up hurry up! She said she usually doesn't do that to him and she wasn't sure why she did! As they were driving up to their house, she said she saw us missionaries and then just completely relaxed, she knew why she was in a hurry to get home. We had a super amazing discussion with them about how God is always watching over us, His precious children, and we invited them to come back to church. Yesterday he and his wife both came. What an amazing experience! It is so great to watch the Lord's hand work in our lives! He really is directing His missionaries as well as all of His children to do His work.
     This week the weather was super wild. On wednesday we had some big winds and a little rain. On thursday we woke up at 6:30 and it was raining super hard. We went to bed at 10:30PM and it was STILL raining super hard! Typhoon! The winds were so rediculous, I don't think I have been in stronger winds before! When we woke up and looked out the window it looked like the rain was falling horizontally!The rain pretty much felt like rocks falling out of the sky and if the wind blew towards you, you would go from going super fast on your bike to almost stopped in a few seconds. But if we were lucky the wind would blow behind us! It was like mario kart or something, when you get those little boosts and go super fast. I got going so quick on my bike, it was almost scary! It's funny because there are so many really tall buildings here that the wind often follows the paths of the streets, so we would be riding and then come to an intersection and the wind would blast our sides and you would pretty much be leaning over the ground while riding. Ok maybe not that bad but almost. That day there was hardly anyone on the streets and all of the stores were closed. This big city was practically a ghost town! Besides family mart and 7-11 of course. The wind destroyed alot of stuff. Huge trees were ripped out of the ground everywhere. Everyone always parks there scooters in these big rows, and the wind pretty much turned all of these scooters into dominoes, it was kind of funny but a bummer if something broke! Peoples scooter helmets were rolling down the street and what not. It was pretty exciting. Don't worry mom, I am unharmed. The typhoon did provide us with some awesome service opportunites though!
     Well I hope all is well back home and I hope you all have an amazing week! I miss and love you!

Pictures from the top of the da keng elder's apartment building. We ran up the 27 flights of stairs again for our excersize in the morning haha it is apretty good view from up there!

My power ranger get up for typhoon day. I cut the sleeves on my rain gear too short so my white shirt sticks out..oops

The plastic bags on my feet actually worked!

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