Monday, February 10, 2014

February 2, 2014

Hey momma! Kevin and Corrin are getting so big!! I was so surprised when I saw their pictures! This last week was a pretty crazy week for us! We went to taizhong for a meeting on tuesday which moved our district training meeting to thursday and then for the rest of the week we had aton of members that fed us lunch and dinner because it is the chinese new year!!! So during chinese new year what happens is everything shuts do for about a week and everyone gets together with their family and celebrates the new year! They have lots of cool traditions and customs they do on the new year one of which is handing out red envelopes! They are pretty much just fancy red envelopes with money inside that are usually given to the children or younger people in the family. We should start doing that :) Anyways we ate ATON of food and had a great time! We also had a really huge blessing yesterday at church. We had three investigators come! Aton of our investigators went out of town or were busy last weekend so we were scared we wouldn't have alot of lessons or people that would be able to attend church with us this last sunday, but we had one that confirmed with us that he could go, one that just showed up with his family, and another one that we thought had dissapeared because his cell phone wasn't working but he showed up too! Super cool! They all loved the meeting and had a great experience at church!
We also met with a really great family this week. They are the family we met with a few weeks ago in one of our secondary areas. They have lots of questions and are really interested! They had to go out of town this week but we will definitely be meeting with them next week.
Hope you had a great week mom!! Love and miss you! -Elder Ripley

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