Sunday, August 11, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hows montana?! Have you and Dad even been up there before? I bet the weather is pretty nice right now. You will have to go do some huntin and let me know how it goes! I am sure you guys will have a blast! Is there anyone left living at home while you guys are out? Celeste and Coty are still there right? And what is going on with Dustin and Heather? Dustin comes back when he gets off work right? You are so good taking care of aunt Winnie over there, I am sure she appreciates it aton!
You can keep saying all of those things you tell people when they ask about me, because they sure are all true! I am enjoying my mission so much, I am not really sure how to describe how much I love it. The joy comes when I forget about myself, forget about what I want, and let Heavenly Father change me. It comes when I develop christ like attributes, serve the people and missionaries around me and grow to love them and the places I serve so much that I just don't want to leave and everytime move call comes I am praying that I can stay in my area. But also comes when I leave an area and the people I love, just to find out that my new area and the people they are just as amazing and by serving I grow to love them just as much and do it all over again. As far as getting the language down, I like to think I am good but just like everyone I have plenty of ways I can improve. My testimony has grown more in this time than I had ever imagined it would before I left on my mission. I knew I would grow alot, but I didn't understand what that mean't until I actually experienced it. As for not wanting go home, I miss you all and love you so much, but to tell the truth the thought is a little bit scary. :D Missionary work has just become so much a part of me that it will be a huge adjustment going back, though I will always be a missionary. BUT.. I don't really have to think about that right now :) Thank you so much for all the support and love and prayers, it has made my mission the best experience it could possibly be! Love you mom and hope you have a fantastic week!
Your son,    Elder Ripley

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