Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hello mother dearest! How is everything back in the AZ? Did you keep pretty busy this last week? Hope everything is going great!
This last week was a great week for our district. A family got baptized into 1st ward which was awesome, a mother and her daughter! They are super awesome. I had the opportunity of doing their baptismal interview about a month and a half ago and then they went to china and didn't get back until about a week ago, so we held the baptism last saturday! It was a really great service and Sister wo and her daughter both shared heart felt testimonys afterwards. What an awesome opportunity to see a family accept the Gospel! I love being able to attend baptismal services, they are the best! Just seeing people light up and share their testimonys right after they are baptized is such a cool experience! The spirit is strong and testifies of the truthfulness of this Gospel.
Elder Washburn and I are doing really awesome! We are loving the work and time is just flying by, which is slightly startling. We have met so many awesome people are just loving being their friends and sharing our testimonies with them. It is such an a amazing opportunity being a missionary, you grow in so many ways it is hard to even describe! I love this work so much and I love Heavenly Father. and I love you! Thank you so much for your great example and love for me momma, Hope you have an awesome week! Stay sweet!    -Elder Ripley

Wow I know that face! That is exactly how she looked when she found out there were snakes in Dustins room!
Good to hear you are feeling abit better now! Get in some good work outs and I am sure you will recover quickly. You are getting out of shape!? I will have to whip you back into shape when I get home! We have workout time everyday besides sunday so I have been able to stay in shape pretty easily. I put on some weight in the MTC but up to this point I have lost it all and put on a little more muscle..not much though. My 8 pack is coming along nicely, but not quite as defined as yours! Haha :D
I am super excited for that package! Thank you so much Dad!!!
Thanks for your prayers and love, we can feel it strongly even though we are so far away! We are meeting tons of great people and are enjoying telling them of our Savior so much, I love being a missionary!! Love you dad and hope you have a super great week    -Elder Ripley

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