Friday, July 26, 2013

July 15, 2013

     I listen to music on my translator, that is why! The translator came with a free 4g memory too which was super nice, so I can hold abunch of music on it. Thanks for the lyrics to that song and the idioms! I actually just found out that I have a dictionary full of idioms on my translator as well so all the ones you sent me should be enough for now! Thanks so much! My english class is super excited to learn this song haha its going to be super sweet. I got a pretty good laugh out of your new method of beating dad in phase ten and about recieving those packages and giving it all away hahaha I bet Stephen III thought that was pretty funny as well! What is Dad's new job anyways? Sounds like you had fun with all of the birthdays last week! Tell Blake and Darci that I love them and say Happy Birthday to them for me! Tell Dusty he is going to have to take me in a ride in that one when I get home. That helicopter looks pretty sick!
       One of the coolest experiecnes from last week was meeting with our investigator, who has a baptismal goal right now. He is currently 11 years old and although he enjoys playing with toy swords and battling me in yugioh cards, he surprised me quite abit with his maturity this week! We went over some baptismal interview things with him this last week and set up a time for his upcoming interview. When we asked him why he wants to get baptized he said something that threw me off. I was definitely not underestimating him , but I was just not expecting it, he said "I want to recieve the Holy Ghost!". I just got the biggest smile on my face and we read a few scriptures together about the Holy Ghost, and talked about why we should seek for the Gift of the Holy Ghost as well as His daily guidance. He is such a stud and is ready to be baptized and confirmed! We are super excited for him! While talking about the Holy Ghost he even cited a few scriptures from Moroni that talked about Him which impressed me!
       This last week during studies I loved reading in Alma 43. Moroni is battling against the lamanites and the first place he turns for guidance is to the prophet, Alma! Just like in our lives, we fight all sorts of battles against the adversary, but we can always look to our church leaders, especially our prophet Thomas S Monson, for guidance. Also, Moroni prepares everything he needs to be able to take on the Lamanites and follows the counsel of Alma without one bit of hesitation. During the battle the Nephites struggle but because of their righteouss motivations for fighting the battle they muster up the courage to press onward and by working and praying in unity with "one voice" they win the battle. Much like missionary work today! Their will be struggles but if we always remember our motivations of why we are out here we will have the courage to press onward and never look back. I love a saying that is on a poster at some tire stores here in taiwan- "Power without control is nothing" We must use careful planning and preparation, just like Moroni, to give our motivations a direction. This way we can reach our highest potential and see the greatest outcomes/successes in our missionary work. That applies to every other aspect of our lives as well. Just like every missionary will tell you, set goals and make plans. 

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