Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 28, 2013

Area: Xin Ying
Companion: Elder Liu

Hello Momma! You are working!!!!! That is so awesome!! How is it going so far? Where is that Elementary school at? So you are working and volunteering at the hospital too? Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy! I got a pretty good laugh out of your co worker taping his buddies straw so he couldn't drink out of it hahaha I think I am going to try that one out on my companion when I get the chance! So that smart board you are talking about, They used those when I was in highschool! They had just come out though and seemed to have some problems so I only saw it used a few times. But they are so cool you are right! Super amazing what they can do these days! I am sorry you had a bit of a rough week. No matter what trials we go through God will never forget us, always rely on Him. I really loved a quote from last general conference, an Elder said If we have faith we will most certianly have trials of faith, but if we rely on God during these trials, they will strengthen our faith. God has an amazing plan for each of us and it most definetely won't be easy, but through these good times as well as trials God will help us become the person he would have us be, as long as we always rely on Him and submit to His will. I think that is so awesome that through the hymn in church Heavenly Father lifted you up. On my mission I have learned that prayers are answered through going to church! I love that song as well. Thanks for all the music you have been sending, I am loving it!

     This week was a crazy one! I am back in xin ying! The Zone leaders called saturday night saying that I would be moving back to xin ying! The Elder that got hurt in taibao is going back to taibao. It is a bit of a bummer because I grew to love the place and the people there really quickly and we worked our butts off the last few weeks to find new investigators and we found quite a few (thanks for your prayers! they are being answered!) and now I have to leave, but I am so pumped to be back in xin ying because I love this place! The branch is so great. I guess the Lord still has work for me to do here in xin ying and I am happy to do it! My new companion is Elder Liu! Yes we are both Liu zhang lao, so this could get a little confusing. He is taiwanese and is from taoyuan. He is an awesome elder, I am excited to be able to serve with him!

     This past week I have been reading King Benjamin's speech to his people in the book of Mosiah. It is such an awesome part in the Book of Mormon. If you have some time read the first few chapters of Mosiah. I especially like chapter 2 when he speaks about how God has given us everything, including the ability to breathe and move as we would like each day, and all He asks of us is to keep His commandments, and if we do, He immediately blesses us! I know that we can see these blessings and feel of God's love for us as we do the simple things He asks of us. Well my time is about up! Hope you have a great week next week! Love you all!! Keep me updated on Kennedy and the rest of the fam. Hope she gets well soon!
  Love     -Elder Ripley

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