Tuesday, January 15, 2013

December 31, 2012

     Hello Momma! I loved to see you guys too! I am sorry I can't really speak english anymore. I will have to practice a little before the next time I talk with you guys. Yes I did get that package from Dad! Oh man those fruity pebbles have been sooooo nice I eat them every single morning! And I love the football as well! And no I have not gotten a package from Becki yet. Terri Stump is going on a mission?! So awesome! Tell her congratulations for me! And Rachelle is going to china!?!? Tell her to hurry up and give me her address! When does she leave? That is way cool.
       Yes you are right it is getting pretty cold here! Saturday was pretty warm, then yesterday was freezing cold, and now today is about in the middle. So last week was a little crazy! On thursday the assistants called me up and said pack up your stuff you are going to taibao tomorrow! That morning we had a pretty good lesson with brother shen and he accepted a january 12th baptismal goal. He is doing so great, he is reading the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to church and doing all that he needs to do to develop his faith and testimony. I really hope President will give me permission to go back to xinying on the 12th and see his baptism! I think he will. So I was sad to leave because I love all the people I have got to know there but I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me here in taibao! So what happened was the Elder who was in taibao hurt his ankle while running and is not going to be able to walk or ride a bike for awhile so they called me up thursday and told me to pack my stuff and then on friday the office elders from taichung came and picked me up and brought me over to taibao where they dropped me off and picked up the Elder here who hurt himself and brought him up to taichung. My companion in xinying, Elder Stratford, is living with the other Elders that also live in xinying right now. It was a pretty quick switch but I am getting adjusted to taibao pretty quick. It is really close to xinying but over here it is a little more like the country side I guess. Not alot out here! The branch is super new, only a few years old. Yesterday we had 21 people at sacrament! The members here are so great! Super strong testimonies and love to do missionary work! I know I will love it here. My new companion is Elder Chen. He is taiwanese, so sorry if next time we talk my english is even worse, I have pretty much no chance to speak english unless we happen to run into someone who speaks it here but the chances of that are pretty low. I am happy though, my chinese will hopefully improve alot! Elder Chen is so great, he has a huge love for the people here and enjoys missionary work. We are going to have a good time serving together no doubt! I am so happy to be a missionary at such a great time as this! The gospel is moving forward and we see miracles everyday. I am so grateful for the Lord's blessings in my life, especially my family. Love you all bunches! Hope you had a merry christmas! Happy New Years!!!!!!!! Have a good week!! I am really enjoying all of the christmas presents you sent! All the candy and guns and basketball hoop the whole deal. Thanks so much!! 
Hey Dad!
That is sad that ASU is stinking it up so bad this year. At least they beat the navy right? Terry Thomas probably wasn't too happy. The cardinals too! That is just a bummer.

The new teaching program sounds really cool! Sounds like you were way ahead of the times dad! I know the kids from your classes always loved to go to class and participate so you must have been doing something right! The church is constantly growing and growing and coming out with new programs it amazes me! The Lord really knows His children and how to help them. How grateful I am for our modern day prophet, Thomas S. Monson! 

Bishop is being released! Whoah! Make sure and let me know who the new bishop is next week! I think I have to let my mission president know too. 

Hope the pumpkin pie was really nice, I am jealous. When I was in taichung a member gave me this pumpkin pie mix that she got from an american store there in taichung and I still have not used it! I am not really sure what to do about the crust. I want to just buy one but I don't know if they sell it here? We will see.

Hope you have a happy new years!!!! Have a great week Dad, Love you!

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