Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 21, 2013

Letter to Mom:

Hey momma! Hope all is going well at Grandmas! Tell her hello and I love her for me! Hope you had a good week last week.  How is every one doing?

      Everything is going pretty well over here! This last week went pretty good.  The lady we tracted had already been reading the bible and praying. She was not able to make it to church this week, but she is doing pretty great. A few days after giving her the Book of Mormon she had already read through the intro, witnesses, and the first 16 chapters of 1st nephi! So good! She has been marking the parts that she likes as well! It is such an awesome feeling being able to see the Book of Mormon become an important part of other peoples lives when it has changed my own life so much!  She told us she does believe that God will set up a time for her to get baptized which is really cool, she has alot of faith! We are also helping her to receive a testimony of the Book of Mormon, which shouldn't be hard as she is already reading and praying!  We are praying and working to find some more new investigators as well, please pray with us!

      I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon can lead and guide our lives, give us inspiration and comfort in times of need, and give us inspiration and revelation to the blessing of others! What an amazing tool God has given us to help us in our daily lives. I have seen that as I search ponder and pray about the scriptures, God will lead my life and everything will go according to His plan. What an amazing blessing we have in our lives, the Book of Mormon. Well time is running short and I got to get going! Hope all is well at home! Miss and love you guys!       -Elder Ripley

PS. If you get a chance could you send those addresses to me? Phylip Curtis, Aubrey Hatch, Larissa Price (going on a mission soon?) Thanks again! Love you!

Letter to Dad:

Not a surprise you have been called to help out with the flags, whenever you came with we were always the first ones done so we got first picks on the donuts.
I want to see Blake's games! I will go out and practice with him when I get home.
How have things been going back home? Is mom still making you stick to that diet? So Celeste is moving back in for abit? What are her plans? What are Dusty and Heather up to besides leaving dried mangos out for scouty to eat? Is Darci and the fam all settled in? Miss and love you Dad! Have a good Week!    -Elder Ripley 

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