Tuesday, November 13, 2012

October 29, 2012

Hello jia ting! (family) How was your week? This whole disneyland trip sounds like it is going to be pretty sweet I am jealous I will be missing it! You will have to take some good pictures and send me some! I can just see the kids being excited to take a link off the chain each day. Tell them thank you for the letters and pictures! They are some good lookin kids :D Love them. 
Sounds like the baptism was nice! You need to help her understand that when Christ performed the atonement he suffered for the sins of all children that sin in innocence and before the age of accountability! So children do not have the need for baptism! (Moroni 8) 
 You can accept the friend requests I get on facebook by the way. Some people in my ward may take pictures and what not and you can see them! 
It is amazing to see the changes the atonement brings into the lives of others. There is no greater happiness and joy than that which comes from applying the atonement in our lives daily and weekly by taking the sacrament. This last conference there were a few talks given that talked about how to have more sacred experiences during sacrament. They were great! Look them up! 

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