Friday, October 26, 2012

October 22, 2012

      Hello Momma! Oh please no email can be boring, I love to hear how things are going at home! Your volunteering sounds like it is going pretty well. They probably made you take that class because you haven't been treating their patients well! Haha I am just kidding..I am sure you are a great volunteer. Especially since you walked that man in his wheel chair to the building he needed to go to! Dang it seems I am just missing out on everything! Darci gives a talk in church, Darci is getting married, what's next? Darci wins the lottery?! (If she does tell her to buy me a bughatti veyron for when I get home :D) Wow if Dustin likes your food then it has to be pretty dang good.
      All is well over here! This week one of our investigators (Sister xu, the 55ish year old lady) Dropped into a week B! That means she is getting baptized next week! She decided that is when she wants to be baptized and committed to start preparing! She is doing great and her desire to follow the Lord is obvious by her effort to keep the commandments and give up drinking tea! She can do it! Please pray for her! More news next week!
       Sorry my email is going to be a little short this week we don't have aton of time! Today we went to see the crocodile king, a croc so fat that he can't move so you can pet him and what not, along with some other crazy animals. I will send pictures next week! I really liked your picture of you on the beach with your Monti Carlo, whatever happened to that car? How long ago was that? Love you all! Talk to you next week!
    -Elder Ripley

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