Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 5, 2012

This was week was great! It was halloween! They don't really celebrate        halloween here. Maybe a tiny bit like candy is cheaper at convenience stores but   they definitely don't trick or treat. How was halloween back home?  This week for our english class we had a halloween party! It just so happens that halloween was on wednesday, same day as our english class, and it just so happens that every 6 weeks (The last week of every move call) We have a little party for our english class! So we had a halloween party! It was fun we just played some games that you would play at a fall festival and what not and had a spiritual share.  If only every family knew what they could become through the gospel, Eternal! Love you family! Have an awesome week!
       -Elder Ripley

It really is that simple! All they have to do is read the Book of Mormon and pray about and they can get an answer straight from God about whether or not it is true! I am sometimes amazed when I hear people reject this invite! After reading the Book of Mormon, who wouldn't want to know that it is true!? 
 I have had plenty of times on my mission where I want to think that I have reason to complain or be angry but then I think, wow, I am a servant of my Lord Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to give it all to Him for two years, and He is always by my side, I couldn't possibly be in a better place doing better things. I absolutely love being a missionary! Thanks for helping me to remember how happy we can be if we just choose to be and learn from our experiences.
I have had plenty of times where I am tired or discouraged from getting rejected and I think for a moment, would my Dad stop working right now? No he would work 10 times harder. So that's what I do. Just like my Dad taught me. When the going gets rough, the rough get going! Your encouragement lifts me up more than you know!With God by oursides we can do anything! Love you dad, Have an awesome week.       -Elder Ripley  

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