Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12, 2012

Sorry this weeks email might be a little short because we don't have much time! Today we rode our bikes out to bu dai! That is on the coast by where I am. It was pretty sweet we got to see the ocean and go to a huge fish market! You guys would probably think they are pretty gross :D I have surprised myself lately at how used to the food I am. I actually enjoy eating things that 7 months ago I would not have thought twice about even trying it.
This week was a pretty good week, just like every other week is as a missionary! This week while contacting some people I ran into this guy.  He reminded me of something important! He said when we rode up with big smiles on our faces he felt the spirit strongly. It made me realize how much just a smile can do. When we are happy and have the spirit with us just a simple smile can lift up those around us more than we know! Just like you were saying mom, decide to be happy, it makes us healthy and make those around us happy as well! I am so grateful I had this opportunity to be a tool in the Lord's hand and find one of His lost sheep. There is no work like missionary work! The gospel is true! I am sorry I feel like every week my emails are too short, but we gotta go! Love you mom! Have a good week!     -Elder Ripley

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