Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey  Momma,

Sounds like you guys had quite the busy week last week! Hope all is going well at home and at work! A new math program huh? Sounds pretty rough, I am glad I got out of there sooner than later :D

Things are going pretty great over here! We had a super cool miracle yesterday! We have been talking to alot of people on the streets and haven't found many willing to meet with us, but on sunday we had a guy who was previously contacted on the street just show up to church! Huge blessing! We are going to meet with him tonight! Also, a members friend that has started coming to church recently is going to meet with us this week as well! We are being blessed with some teaching opportunities even though we are having trouble finding investigators.

My companion and I went over to Sister Chen's house this week and helped them paint some walls in their house and afterwards we had a lesson with her.  Pray for her! 
This week we also rode out to Guantian! Our second furthest secondary area. It was pretty awesome! One of our new investigators lives out there so we met with him and he accepted a baptismal goal for March! We got a little lost on our way back and took a big detour (It was kind of dark, it's not my fault :D) but it was worth it to be able to meet with Brother Hu. He is a miracle investigators that just showed up to English class one day and said hey I want to learn more about Jesus Christ! Sweet! 

Elder Liu and I have some great goals this week and are working hard to accomplish them. We are going to continue to see miracles as we ask for God's blessings as we participate in His work. 

This week while reading the Book of Mormon I was especially impressed by some scriptures about the atonement and our Savior. As I reflect on what Christ had to endure on this Earth I am more grateful for His atonement, because I know that no matter what trial we have, through the atonement we can overcome them all. I will always love my Savior and serve Him faithfully. Because of our savior, there is nothing we can't do! 
Love you family! Hope all is going well! Oh and to answer your question, missionaries from Taiwan go to the MTC in the Phillipines. It depends on where they are going on their mission as well though. Oh and is the guitar music by Rachelle pretty good? If so send that to please! And my companion wants to know how much it costs to buy Lord of the Rings Risk and the Risk that takes place in the future? Haha he likes Risk a little too much and apparently Taiwan doesn't have those.
Anyways tell Kalvin he is a stud! I wish I could be there for his farewell! Let me know when he leaves and what his address is! That is so awesome!!!!!! 

Elder Ripley

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