Friday, October 5, 2012

October 1, 2012

     Hello mother! This whole adventure with the new dog sounds pretty exciting! So turns out he just ran away again and now you can't find him? He can jump over the backyard walls? That is pretty rediculous. Haha Brock is getting so big holy cow. Does he just walk around on his own now? I swear when I left he wasn't walking yet. Was he?
       My new area is super great! The members here are awesome and really welcoming! They love to be involved in missionary work too which is always great. We are still a branch but sacrament attendance is about 75 each week. I think it is not a ward yet because they need more priesthood holders, I am not sure though. But I am super pumped to be here! Also, I think people here in the south are alot friendly than in the north. People actually smile and wave back it is pretty awesome. It is a bit warmer down here which is a bummer because the weather was just getting super nice in Taichung when I left, but!.. i love it nonetheless. I know the Lord put me here for a reason and I am excited to see what His plan for me is here in xinying.
       We had a baptism this week! A lady who is about 53 years old named Sister Han. She is such a sweet lady. I only got to meet with her twice before she got baptized but I am excited to get to work with her as a recent convert! I was talking to her yesterday night on the phone to see when she could meet this week and I asked her about how she felt after being confirmed. She said she had a feeling of safety, a feeling that she has never felt before. Of course it was the spirit she was feeling and we talked about how the spirit is our guide, comforter, and protector. What an awesome experience for her to have as a new member! I love seeing the change the gospel brings into the lives of people. They just light up! They know their purpose in life, they know that God loves them and has a specific plan for them, a plan for us to return to Him, they know that Jesus Christ is their savior and redeemer and that through His atonement they can find peace and purity in their lives as well as strength to endure to the end and keep pressing forward! Could life get any better? I submit that it cannot!  I love and miss you family! Hope all is well at home! Brocks party looks like it was a blast! I have aton of pictures to send but the computers we have been using are kind of junky and it won't let me attach them. Maybe next week we will have to find a better place. Love you!
      -Elder Ripley

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