Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hey momma! Wow sounds like Caitlin is really a hero! That sounds super scary, I am glad they are ok and everything is fine! Dinner with everyone sounds like it was a blast, and tell Myla thank you so much for picking me out some books, she is too nice! If you can send me a sheet that will teach me how to read music as well because I don't know much about reading guitar music. :D I haven't really gotten a chance to practice it yet because the only time I can is p-days and on p-days we often go do stuff but I plan on learning some time.  You really look like a proffesional in your banner gateway outfit! How are you liking volunteering there? That is so cool!
This week has been pretty nice. The weather is so great! It is really starting to cool off. These last few days reminded me alot of arizona in the spring. Warm sun, cool breeze, blue sky. It is weird having a cool breeze, ever since I got here it is either raining or super humid and hot with a warm breeze, I am lovin it!
This week we had some success tracting! We were tracting in a pretty nice neighborhood with some huge houses and after getting rejected by a whole street, we ran into this young man riding his bike. We talked with him for a little bit and he invited us to follow him to his house! He goes down the street and goes straight to one of the houses that just rejected us. I was on splits at the time with Elder Bailey and we just started cracking up. He rang the intercom at the gate and told his dad there are some foreigners out here that can speak chinese and want to share with us about Jesus Christ. His dad says just tell them we are buddhist! (One of the most common responses we get while contacting people) He says but dad they want to share about Jesus with us! Eventually his dad wouldn't let us in but he came to church on sunday and his dad dropped him off! SO cool! Alright well I don't have anytime so I will write more next week! Tell Dad sorry I didn't get a chance to send him one I will next week!

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