Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey mom! Sounds like your week was pretty busy once again! I am always impressed with how much time you are constantly sacraficing to serve others. Your are an amazing example to me of being selfless and putting others above ourselves. Thanks for being the best mom I have ever had :D Thanks aton for sending the music and oils! I have not recieved them yet but i am anxiously waiting to get them!! And thanks again for helping me keep up with all my buds. I love to hear how they are doing! Natalie is in africa right now! So cool!! Those pictures of Blythe and Brock gave me a good laugh hahaha i see they are doing just fine! Miss those two rascals.
This week was a good week! Last monday we went to a driving range! There is a less active who goes to the same chapel as us who really likes the da keng elders and us it is funny. Our set up is weird because the chapel is pretty close to our house but it isn't in our zone, so the elders who are serving in the bei qu area (where the chapel is) are not our zone leaders, but we see them all the time, alot more than we see our own zone leaders. So this less active member is in the beiqu elders ward, but he likes to hang out with the da keng and beitun (us) elders. He is super nice, he took us to a driving range and brought a friend who is a crazy good golfer that competed in the U.S. for awhile (he is also pretty good himself) and they taught us how to drive! It was super sweet! They gave me some good pointers! I told them my Dad wants me to golf and make abunch of money to help him retire so they better teach me well, they laughed pretty hard about that!
This week we had a TYPHOON!! Not really..ha all week everyone we would talk with would start talking about this nasty typhoon that is going to hit, but it didn't hit too hard. On wednesday we got aton of rain and some wind but nothing too crazy. Kind of like the summer monsoon storms in arizona. It is funny though because alot of taiwan people absolutely hate/fear rain, even though it rains here all the time, so for english that night we only had one person show up!
This week i had a few pretty cool experiences. I was on splits with the zone leaders in Daya, and for companion study that day we practiced giving a baptismal invite, then the investigator brings up a concern, and then we help them resolve the concern and re invite them to be baptized. That night we had a first lesson with a young man who when we originally contacted him, gave us a random number and wrote a random name for his name, so when we called to confirm if he could meet with us for the day he had set up a lady answered and said we had the wrong number. We were kind of bummed, but then a few days later he calls us up (we had left our number with him) and says hey i forgot about that lesson i set up with you guys, lets meet right now. We went and met with him, and he told us his real name and everything and at the end of the lesson we ended up inviting him to be baptized. He had the same concern that my zone leader used to practice with me that morning, and we helped him resolve it and he accepted a baptismal date! And also, as we were heading out to meet with him, a guy on the sidewalk stopped us and said hey I am a member of your church but have not been in a long time, what time is church at? Turns out he is in our ward! Super great. I know this is the Lord's work and he is guiding it!
 Tell Janice law thank you for always sending me letters, she is the greatest. Well i gotta go, love you all very much! Hope you have a super sweet week! 
*Pictures-Golfing/ Biking up da keng mountain!

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