Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 11, 2012

Hey Fam! How was your week? Sounds like yours was a little hectic Momma. Hope things go smooth this week, wish i could be there to help out! I am very sorry to hear about Rebeccas' husband, that is an extremely sad thing to happen, especially at such a young age. I hope that she will be able to turn to the Lord and find comfort in the plan  he has prepared for us, and be healed through the atonement of Jesus Christ. He knows what it is like.
The weather here was crazy this week. A few days in a row of the hottest days i have had since i have been here and then this weekend is just pouring rain!
This week went pretty well! Last preparation day i went to get another haircut! I sat down in the chair and asked the lady if she could just cut it a little shorter, and she says yeah i know how to do it, just like last time! Then it dawned on me..it is the same lady that cut it last time! This time i watched closely and asked for more specific things as much as i could but i still don't have a super good vocab for getting haircuts in chinese. It turned out better than last time but still kind of an asian style haircut it is funny. As my chinese gets better, so do my haircuts!
Each week we have an invite from President Bishop, kind of a focus for the week. This week's invite was find a family! When families accept the gospel together they strengthen and support eachother as well as provide a huge support to the ward they are in. Families are ordained of God. On fast sunday we fasted that we would be able to find a family to teach the gospel to. We prayed and set aside a specific time every day devoted to finding a family. The Lord answered our prayers and we found one! The Chan family. They are so great. Husband, Wife, and two little kids, one boy and one girl who are about 4 and 6. They were formers who were dropped because they had no time to keep meeting with the missionaries, but we called and they set up a time to meet with us! We shared the plan of salvation and Brother Chan by the end of the lesson said he knows that everything we shared was true. I am so excited to see this family learn of the gospel together, please pray for them that they will accept such a great blessing as this!
This week the sisters in our district had a baptism! A young girl whos parents were both converted got baptized. The baptismal service was so great, the spirit was very strong there. We had two of our investigators come with us which was awesome, they both really liked it!  The girls Mom bore a very sweet testimony about how the gospel blesses families, and after her baptism she did as well. It was just what our investigator needed, he has been having some family issues lately. He had such a great experience, i am glad he was late to our lesson! The Lord wanted him to be late no doubt. It is amazing to watch the Lord's hand in missionary work. As we invite the spirit to be with us through prayer, and then work hard, the Lord guides us in His work.
Karen from my english class (the lady that always brings us snacks and stuff) is always telling me to bring a picture of my family for them to see but i always forget! This week i remembered and brought the pictures you sent me of Dustin and Heather's wedding and i showed those to her. She said Dustin looks like Collin Ferrel and Celeste looks like Jessica Alba. Hahaha taiwanese people often think white people look like some movie star, it is pretty funny.
To answer some questions you sent to me about daily life mom- the average day we wake up at 6:30 and excersize for 30 minutes, then take an hour to eat and get ready for the day. After that we have 1 hour of personal study 1 hour of companionship study, then 30 minutes of language study. Then we are out the door for the day! Doing finding activites and going to lessons and things like that. Since i am still in my first two move calls i am in this 12 week training program, so i have 2 hours of companionship study some days as well. In our apartment it is just Elder Bentley and I, but two Elders live down the street from us. We check in with the mission president through email every preparation day and yes each companionship has one cell phone. My bike is doing great! Haven't had any serious issues as of now!
Thanks abunch for sending me the ensign! I am loving it! Please tell Aunt Alice and Uncle Vern that i am so grateful for their sacrafices for me and i hope the have a smooth recovery. I will be writing them soon!  Well i love you all and i hope all is well back home. Tell Grandma Mabel hello for me and that i love her very much. Hope you feel better momma, you always took good care of me when i was sick so i know you are taking good care of yourself! Love and miss you, have an amazing week!
P.S. your packages take about a week i think! i will pay attention this time when it gets here. Thanks so much for sending those to me i love to get them, but i know it is expensive so if you dont send one for awhile to save money dont you worry about me! 

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