Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012

My goodness i cannot believe March snuck up on us already! Time is just flying by. I leave the MTC 4 weeks from today! That is just crazy too me. This week was an awesome week! We had some awesome speakers come speak to us!
On tuesday for devotional, Jeffrey R. Holland was our speaker! Can you believe it! He is such an amazing man and i love to hear him talk about his testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ. He talked about so much, but i will try and sum it up for you. He talked alot about the Book of Mormon and how he feels like as missionaries we may not being using it as much as we should be. He said "the Book of Mormon doesn't just bring the spirit, it has a spirit! There is not one solid conversion i have seen where the person does not have a testimony of the Book of Mormon." (1 Nephi) He also talked about teaching after the manner of the spirit. He said if we are going to teach after the manner of the spirit then we need to have the attributes that the spirit has so that the spirit will be present as we teach! (Moroni 6:9) There was so much more i want to tell you, but i forgot my notebook in my room! Maybe i will have to catch you up next week.
On Sunday Our speaker at the fireside was Alex Boye! I don't know if you know who he is but he is a singer! Look him up on mormon.org he has an "Im a Mormon" video. I don't really know how else to put it besides..he has soul. He speaks with so much power and has quite the sense of humor. He told about his conversion story and about his mission. He talked about the power that we have as missionaries because of who we represent and how we need to always remember that. He has an awesome voice and sang for us too! You could tell he had the whole audience captivated the entire time. The way he tells his conversion story is funny, he is such an awesome guy and inspires me to be like him!
This week at TRC we taught a 40 minute lesson instead of two 20 minute lessons! We taught sister Day again. She is such a nice lady! We just got to know her better and then talked about the importance of the plan of salvation and gave kind of a quick overview of it. What an amazing plan it is. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ who made it possible for us to return and live with them again.
We tried the tower challenge again this week! (In the cafeteria they keep the cereal in these towers and we try to eat an entire tower in one meal) And we failed...again..It is super hard to do with only 4 people. You wanted to know what we do on fast sundays! They are pretty much the same as regular sundays, we just have personal study during breakfast and lunch. 

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