Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

Hey family! Life in the MTC is just as great as ever! Miss you all bunches!
We had TRC again this week! (Just like every other week :D) This week we met with Lucy Lu again! She is so energetic and animated it makes me laugh. She joined the church when she was 16! She has such a sweet spirit. We talked with her about recieving answers to our prayers. In preach my gospel it tells us that praying with a sincere heart and real intent means that if we get an answer we are committed to act on that answer! Sometimes we pray hoping for a specific answer, but that may not be what God has planned for us. We need to be willing to act on our answers wether we got an answer we were hoping for or not! An awesome point that was brought up was God works by many different means to answer our prayers. Sometimes our answers come through other people, through speakers, through the scriptures, or through other things we read or hear. Truth can be found in many different places! Also, Lucy told us from a converts point of view, that she believes people need to know that there is a God, that He does love them, and that He will answer our prayers because of His love for us. I agree one hundred percent! Knowing that God loves us is the start to building faith in Him and in His son, Jesus Christ. Along with that, it is interesting that the very first subject in the first lesson in preach my gospel is God is our loving Heavenly Father. What a great message!
Our younger generation comes into our zone tomorrow! I am so excited to have them in our zone! Because my companion and I are zone leaders, (I think i forgot to mention that last time sorry!) we get to do an orientation with all of the new guys, show them the ropes, and take them on a little tour of the MTC! I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve the people in my zone. They are all such amazing missionaries and i truly love working with each and every one of them! It is amazing to see how inspired the companionships are. The Lord knows who we need to be with. I absolutely love my companion! As time goes on we grow closer and the closer we grow together the better we teach together.
Love- Elder Ripley

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