Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012

Another great week comes to end! Hope all is well back home. I miss and love you all!
This week was a little bit of an exciting week! Our new mandaran speaking missionaries came to the MTC! We now have 44 mandarin speaking missionaries! They are all so great and i can already tell they are going to be awesome missionaries. Elder James and I had the opportunity of teaching them how to have companionship inventories and how to make sure to resolve problems with your companion and things like that. Afterwards we got to take them all on a tour of the MTC campus and show them where everything is. It has been a pretty awesome experience to see them start right where we started when we got here. It kind of made us realize how fast you grow in the MTC and how fast you learn the language! It is going to be a great experience for the new people to be in the spot we are now and realize have fast they have grown as well. Even though we have been at the MTC long enough to be the "experienced" ones, I am about to start all over being the new guy in 2 weeks! It is coming so quick!
You would not beilieve who speak at our devotional last week! President Cardon! Or Elder Cardon now. :D I wanted to say hi to him afterwards really bad but he got up and left pretty quick so i didn't get the chance. His talk was great though, he talked about how us  missionaries are in smilitude of the Only Begotten, and we need to devote 100% of our time to the Lord. He talked about how he was writing Sister Cardon and eventually decided that writing her every week and looking at her picture all of the time would distract him from the work so he wrote her a letter saying he wasn't going to be writing her every week anymore. The day after sending the letter he got a letter from a friend saying something to the affect of your girlfriend is starting to hang out with some other guy so you better do something about it! Hahaha it is pretty funny that they ended up getting married. I admire him, he is such a hard worker!
This week for our weekly sunday night movie, they were playing Elder Bednar's talk on the character of Christ in one of them rooms so i went and watched it again! I love that talk so much! Some of our branch presidency is saying it is one of the best talks ever given at the MTC. Everytime i hear it i get more and more out of it. The first time you are eyes are just glued on the screen and you can't even think to take notes because it is so good! I wish you guys could see it! He is extremely bold which i absolutely love. One thing that i loved about it is he talks about in Mathew chapter 4 when Jesus is being tempted by satan, and how after fasting for 40 days and being put through such temptations it is reasonable that angels would come bare him up, but if you look at the JST for that verse it is talking about John when it says "him". After going through all the things He did, the first thing Christ does is worry about John being in prison and angels minister to him. And he also talks about when Christ is on the cross, and he is worrying about his mother and asking God to forgive the men who are crucifying him "For they know no what they do". The character of Christ is turning out when the natural man in us would turn in. He says" The atonement not only gives us remission of our sins, it gives us strength beyond our own". Strenght to help us become Christlike and turn out instead of in! I just love that talk so much.
Well i am running out of time so i will wrap it up. Dad, thanks for the box of food again! Everyone is loving it! I don't know if we are going to be able to finish all of that in 2 weeks but we sure are trying. And everyone thought the little diagram that tells you wethere or not you can eat your food after you drop it was hilareous! And by the way lately i have bene getting alot of compliments on my ties, and everytime i say these are my Dad's ties, he is the one with the good taste! So they told me to tell you that you have awesome ties :D Thanks for sending me Robby and kaitlin's letters! I love to read those! Goodbye love you all! The gospel is true!

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