Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hey mom! Yes I extended to february 18th. After some prayer, talking with President Blickenstaff, and thinking about what you said I decided to extend!  Can you look into enrolling me for hawaii for the summer semester that starts in april next year? I am not really sure how exactly to do it..its been too long, but you can start by checking out I guess. Thanks momma! As far as the trip, I would obviously love to come back to taiwan, but I realize that it would be hard for everyone to do. Soo..California? Or we can go to hawaii a few weeks early and hang out before I start school? I don't know what do you think?
About the music, I am using my usb now so I can listen to music again! We cant use hand held electric devices besides our cell phones, so I guess translators was something that President Bishop made an exception for. Right now the rule is we can't use them, so we just don't use them!
 Looks like everyone had a great conference weekend! I am really excited to watch it! We have the broadcast this coming weekend! What were some of your favorite talks?
This last week Elder Furner and I struggled a little bit trying to find new investigators and meet with the ones that we have right now, but we did pretty good at keeping each other excited about the work and lifting each other up. We work really well together and are having a blast. We have some really big plans this week for our area and our excited to really see things fire up! Our zone is doing absolutely amazing! We are all loving being missionaries and are giving it all to the Lord. 
Well I hope all is well back home! Love and miss you bunches Momma. Have a fantastic week! 
Your son, Elder Ripley 

The week is going great Dad. President said it is up to me and is completely fine with me extending so I am doing it! We are working hard here in jiayi and are seeing miracles! President Blickenstaff just came to our area this last week and met with all of the district/ branch leaders (because mission presidents are also district presidents for the districts in their mission). President really knows how to get us going I guess :D We never do forget why we work so hard though, our love for the Lord and for the people here. There is nothing more rewarding than missionary work.
What are you allergic too? Mom said she had an allergic reaction too! Are you sure you two didn't just get into a wrestling match after a heated game of phase 10 and used allergic reactions as a cover up??
Yes I did get my package, thank you dad!! Just ate cereal this morning and loved it. Also shared some of those pizzelles with the members and my companion and they all loved them! Thanks abunch dad!! We are loving it! I also got a big bag of krusteaz pancake mix from costco recently and have been making delicious papa Ripley style pancakes for my companion and I. MMM delicious! Love you dad, hope you have an awesome week!   
-Elder Ripley

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