Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 14, 2013

That is so crazy Robby is home!!! I am super bumbed I never got to see him in taiwan! I have been in the south forever and we don't get to go on the temple trips! Is he lookin pretty good? He looks like he got skinnier! Tell him to email me with his email that he is going to use now.

Sounds like fall break was pretty relaxing! Haha I thought it was pretty funny that Dustin couldn't even put his pants on, I was half expecting to scroll down and the picture be Dustin trying to move stuff with one arm and no pants on hahaha.

This week we had a super great general conference! I loved it!! It is amazing how much direction the words of the Prophet and Apostles give our lives. I am so grateful for how much Heavenly Father loves, so much that he gave us a Prophet! I spent some time preparing for conference and decided what I wanted to learn and I got alot of inspiration! Some of the things I learned-put your hand to the plow and never look back! I decided I want to be fit for the kingdom of God, so I will never doubt or look back. Faith is always pointing forward! I was also once again impressed with how amazing the restored Gospel truly is, which added some oil to my already burning fire for missionary work! I also found quite a few talks that addressed concerns that our investigators and recent converts have here in jaiyi. I love conference, it is like Heavenly Father is directly talking to us!

We had a bit of a bummer this last week, which was one of our investigators kind of dissapeared. Brother wang. We were super sad cause he is so awesome!

Love and miss you mom!! About the music, I am pretty much cool with whatever. I can't think of anything specific right now either.

Hey Dad!

We are working really hard to find the one! That is a really good way of thinking, thank you for the encouragement Dad, it really does motivate me and help me to be a better and better missionary.

Sounds like Dusty and Heather had quite the adventure getting all of their stuff over to Texas. Not quite as good as your adventure with Celeste to missourri though!

How is Robby doing? I can't believe he is already home, time is flying by! I am really excited to speak chinese with him when I get back to haha that is going to be so awesome!
Sounds like the Cardinals are still struggling, and ASU is pretty rockin as always! I am also excited to go to the games with you again!

Miss and love you Dad. Just gave a member the last few pizzelles because she made aton of stuff for us and she was super excited! Everyone loves them and is so impressed at your cooking skills!

Your best friend Elder Ripley

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