Monday, May 7, 2012

April 7, 2012

Hello dear family! I am in kind of a rush today because we had a birthday party at the church for Elder Bailey and Elder Miller today and we got done a little later than expected, and we still need to go buy some groceries! I Also forgot to bring my journal and other things that i write down to try and help sum up my experiences every week so i am sorry if i can't think of much. It is hard to remember because everything goes by so quickly! Thanks for the cute pictures of everyone! I love to see what is going on back in the good ole' AZ. Tell Dad that was a pretty good trade for my car. and celeste, bailey, natalie, and rachelle are lookin great. Love them all.
Good news this week! Brother Wu and his little brother Hai are getting baptized next saturday! Their mother was not wanting them to get baptized for awhile because she didn't think they were ready yet. She thought they still had some behavior problems that needed to be fixed, which is funny because it is not often a non member parent doesnt want their kids to be baptized for a reason like that. She wants them to be baptized but wanted them to change first. But, now they are ready! They are both the strong silent type i guess you could say, but when you talk to them you just feel of their growing testimonies and their desire to be baptized and start a new life in the gospel.
This last sunday i really felt the power of fasting and prayer! After a few hours of study my companion and I went to get back on our bikes. (We have afternoon studies on sundays because we have morning church) I was pretty exhausted from fasting and doing our morning tasks we had planned. but i said a prayer that Heavenly Father would give me the energy and fire to serve him and work hard the whole rest of the day. After my prayer i got up and went out to work! The hunger was most definitely still there, but i had energy and desire to do the work of the Lord, and i know it was through the power of prayer that this change came about. I just want to express to you guys the power of prayer! I know that as we say sincere prayers and recognize that our Father in Heaven is listening to us right then, that we really can feel and rely on that strength and power that our Father wants to and is willing to give us. We just need to be worthy and ask for it!
Next week i will get to skype you! I will call your skype account around 8AM on Monday morning next week which will be about 6PM for you i think and i can skype for about 30-40 minutes. If that is not a good time just email me. I will check my email at 8AM next monday. Also, please let me know your skype name so i can find you easily! Tell Brother Smith i just got his letter today and thanks a whole bunch again! I love his letters, tell him i will write back soon. Sorry my email is a bit short. Next week i will tell you more! Oh yes, and i got my green box the other day! I love it! Oh boy it is nice to have snacks to munch on and I love getting letters from the family and our sacrament meeting programs and the other missionaries emails. Thanks for all of it, it was needed! I loved the quotes and poem as well :D And even the rags i was super happy about those! Thanks so much Momma and family, I love you and am so grateful for your support and love, it inspires me!

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