Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

HELLO! How are you momma? I know that what you said is totally true. The more consistant we become at doing what the Lord would have us do the more blessings we recieve. That reminds of a scripture, scripture mastery actually. D&C 130:20-21. Give it a read, it is a good one that talks about blessings and simply how we recieve them! How was Blake's birthday party? Why didn't he invite me? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE AND DARCI!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Oh yes and happy fourth of july everybody! How was it? What did you guys do?
Updates on is still crazy hot! It rained one day this week which was a nice break from the heat, but every other day...a little toasty. I feel like this week went by so fast I don't even know what is new news and what is old news. My new companion, Elder Boice, is seriously the bomb. I am excited to get to serve with him! His chinese is crazy good too. This move call is going to be a great one!
This week..or maybe a few weeks ago...I read the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland from last conference-The laborers in the vineyard. I love that talk! Favorite quote-"Envy is a mistake that just keeps giving. Obviously we suffer a little when some misfortune befalls us, but envy requires us to suffer all good fortune that befalls everyone we know! What a bright prospect that is-downing another quart of pickle juice everytime anyone around you has a happy moment!" Haha kind of funny, but so true! He also says "be kind and be grateful that God is kind. It is a happy way to live." What good advice! Being grateful that God is kind and being kind to others brings us more happiness than living any other way would! It surprises me how simple it seems, yet how hard it sometimes can be when we let emotions like anger or frustration get in the way. When we strive to be kind to others it really does make us happier! Just thought I would share that.
So momma you asked about what church is like here! We start at 8:30 and the first hour for us is priesthood, then sunday school, then sacrament! As missionaries here we usually don't greet at the doors, we just greet people before sacrament starts. Or I try and keep control of fu quan haha he is a little guy in the ward (about 3 or 4 years old) that loves running around and climbing on the missionaries. His older brother is a fireball as well. Have you ever given a taiwanese kid a warhead? Haha it is pretty awesome. Here in taiwan they don't eat nearly as much sweet stuff as we have in america and definitely not alot of sour stuff. I gave li zhi (fu quan's older brother who is about 10 or 11) a warhead and he clutched his mouth and started squirming around like crazy and then grabbed it and put it in his dad's mouth who was sitting next to him and his dad's face was so funny. I wish I had it on video so bad. Now everytime I tell him I have some candy to give him he says NO WAY! I feel like Dad, giving all the kids at church candy. :D Like father like son. Anyways our church attendance here is usually around 60 to 70 people, what is it like at home? I forgot maybe like 150?
Well I love you family! Hope all is well back home. Have the best week of your lives! Miss and love you all bunches!!
Picture-playing b-ball this morning with the taiwanese ballers. We invited some young men from our wards and then there were a few kids already at the courts so we all just started playing together, it was sweet!

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