Monday, April 9, 2012

1st letter from Taiwan

April 9, 2012
Area: Beitun
Companion: Elder Bentley

Hello family!! I made it! I am in Taiwan!! I can't belive i am actually here, i think to myself sometimes and say am i actually in Taiwan or just dreaming? It is a whole different world here. Everything is different, it smells different, it looks different, the people are different it and it just feels different.My first companion and my trainer is Elder Bentley! He is an awesome missionary.  I learn more and more from him every day about being a good misionary. I know that the Lord matches up our companionships, no doubt. My first area i have been assigned to is in taichung city! I am in the beitun area.There are scooters EVERYWHERE. And i don't understand the traffic 100% quite yet so it is a little scary riding around on my bike with scooters whizzing by and past and every which way. It's good though because you never run out of people to talk to, ever! At night before heading home all the stores and buildings all around are lit up with flashing signs and what not, it is a pretty cool site. I haven't had the chance to get to know alot of people really well yet but i already love how amazing the people here are. Just the other day we were headed to a less active members house, brother jin, to visit and we saw a middle age looking man sitting at a table by 7 eleven so we went up and started talking to him and he just got up and went into 7 and bought us slushies! Haha it was pretty awesome but apparantely sometimes you have to be careful because you might get something you don't exactly want to drink! We gave him a book of mormon and encouraged him to read the intro before we meet again this week and then headed over to brother jin's house. Right as we sat down at brother jin's house and started talking to him, Mr. Deng (the man who bought us slushies) called us and says hey i started reading that book you gave me and i just wanted to say it is a really good book, ok bye! He is a funny guy. All of the members i met at church on saturday and sunday while watching conference were super kind as well. (Conference was shown here this week so i got to watch it twice!) I still struggle with getting to know them really well becuase my language skills aren't the best, but i am working on it.
These past few days we taught a new investigator brother Lin. So far we have only taught him the first lesson, and he has committed to read the book of mormon and pray about it so hopefully this week we will have a chance to meet with him again and see how he is doing.
Right now i am just working on getting into the groove of things, getting rid of jet lag, and figuring out how things work around here. Don't worry about sending me abunch of crazy packages or anything, i did not think you forgot about me! My preparation days are on mondays so i will probably check my e mail around 11AM which is 9PM sunday night for you i think. I am glad Darci was excited to get my letter! Tell her i love her for me! Tell Dad he better be glad i never sold that weight set because now he can get back in shape! Love you family and I hope you all enjoyed conference weekend and Easter weekend! Hope all is well! 
Love, Elder Ripley

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