Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 21, 2012

Today is a time of sadness in the MTC! Our older generation in our zone left today. We are going to miss them all aton they were awesome examples for us young ones and helped us with anything we needed. On the brighter side we will hit our 5 week mark tomorrow! How crazy is that! I can not believe i have already been here for 5 weeks that is just weird.
So it is interesting that you would mention ipads and missionaries! This past sunday our fireside speaker was Gordon B. Brown who is the president of the MTC. He talked alot about being what he calls a "100 watt missionary". A 100 watt missionary is obedient, worthy, has a desire to serve and many other important things that he gave some very good tips on. He also talked about how missionary work is transforming! He said he would not be surprised if while we were in the field we would see missionaries getting ipods and ipads! It totally made me think of you! Then you mentioned that ipad app you find and i thought of how convenient that would be for missionaries to have. So you are not being crazy in thinking the church should make those things accessable by missionaries.
This week was a pretty good week! Our investigators (Who are actually our teachers) are both committed to baptism and are progressing and keeping there commitments! I have gained a pretty strong testimony of role plays and how much they help me! Even though it is a "fake" lesson the doctrine is true and is still the same so no matter who we are teaching the spirit is there helping us and testifying with us. It is amazing to me how quickly we can learn a language and teach a 30-40 minute lesson in that language along with being able to understand and resolve our investigators needs or problems. This is only possible through the spirit.
We had TRC again this saturday (we have it every saturday) and it was just as good as ever! This time the first person we taught was a young man who just got home two months ago from his mission. He served in taichung taiwan! He has such a strong testimony of missionary work. Our subject was receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon so we had our friends we taught share a scripture with us that was an answer to one of their questions or prayers. It was such a great experience. After teaching him we taught Lucy Lu again! Except this time she had a little girl with her (her "xiao peng you" as she says haha it means little friend). She was such a sweet girl and had an awesome testimony. She shared with us an experience where she was taking a really hard math test so she said a prayer to Heavenly Father to help her and she got an A! She goes to an elementary school in provo and she learns chinese there! How crazy is that! Her chinese is fantastic especially for her age and already knowing english.
Other than that not too much happened this week just lots and lots of studying! Make sure and tell Celeste that i saw Thomas Brower! He just left today and i told him i would tell Celeste hi for him. 
P.S. Yes taking Chinese before hand did help a whole bunch! Even though i didn't know alot of the vocab i need to teach the gospel i knew sentence structure, pronunciation and those types of things. I also got much better and listening and understanding from being around so many chinese speakers at BYU hawaii. That experience is blessing me huge here on my mission. Also please tell dad i am impressed with his chinese skills, he is definitely improving :D

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