Thursday, January 26, 2012

1st letter

Date: January 24, 2012
Companion: Wang Zhong Lao (Elder James)

So wow..the MTC! I don't even know where to begin. This is definitely a place dedicated to the Lord and His work, you can feel it every where you go! You can just feel the excitement and spirit of missionary work in the air. My companion is Wang zhong lao (Elder James) and he is from Kansas! He is an awesome guy and and a super hard worker! I am super glad i got put with a companion like him because...well you know. (He is also super buff) Our teach Fan lao shi (Elder Evans) Just returned from his mission in australia and is one of the greatest teachers i have ever had! He teaches by the spirit and has such a strong testimony! We are learning chinese from him so quickly. We taught our first investigator the second day we were here which was probably the craziest thing i have ever done but i loved it! Every time we teach him it gets better and better. We asked him to be baptized during our second visit but he said he wants to learn more about Jesus Christ first, which i guess is ok with me. We are going to invite him to church tomorrow so hopefully he accepts! We already gave him a Book of Mormon and he has promised to read and pray about it. Our district has 8 people in it, 3 companionships of elders and 1 companionship of sisters. One of the sisters is Michelle Mitchel who i went to BYUH with! How crazy is that! She is an awesome sister. People always joke about how the sisters are so much more mature then the elders and every mission wants more of them but it is so true our sisters are amazing! Many other districts in our zone have no sisters so we are pretty blessed i'd say. It seems like everyday goes by pretty slowly because we wake up so early but when you look back on the days it seems like time is flying. The saying "the days are weeks but the weeks are days" is so true. We just returned from the temple!  It was an awesome experience and the temple here is so beautiful! When we walked there it was dark but by the time we got out the sun had come up and it snowed last night so all the snow on the trees and house tops was glowing. You could see all white mountians in the distance as well since the temple is on a hill, it was one of the presttiest sights i have seen! Even though it has been snowing it seems like it hasn't been very cold yet. Then again we do spend a lot of time inside so when we go outside we just enjoy the fresh air.  I am running out of time so i will talk to you next week! Tell the family i love and miss them and my friends as well!

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